Papadantonakis Vartholomaios

Vartholomaios Papadantonakis was born in 1931 in Athens. He studied engraving at the Athens School of Fine Arts (1949 – 1954) in the workshop of Jean Kefalinos and graduated with a degree in woodcut.

He is an engraver, painter and sculptor and has produced sculptures in public places. From 1980 onwards, his work has been presented in solo and group exhibitions in Greece, France, Brussels, Germany, etc. He has also taken part in international events such as the Grand Prix International d’Art Contemporain in Monte Carlo (1982), the Japan International Artists Society in Tokyo (1982), the Salon International de Peinture de Paris (1987), the Taipei Engraving Biennale (1989) etc.

He and sculptor P. Moraitis created the official medal of Greece upon its admission to the EEC (1978). He is a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece.

Artist's artworks