20/10/2021 - 18/12/2021
Crete 1821-1898
In the streets of the Revolution

The Municipality of Heraklion participates in the anniversary events for the 200 years since the Revolution of 1821, with events of special thematic interest, highlighting the presence and the struggles of the Cretans during the 19th century. The Exhibition “Crete 18211898: In the streets of the Revolution”, presents evidence, heirlooms, documents from the participation of our special homeland in
national uprising, which vividly depict the historical events, the heroic spirit of patriotism, which manifested itself in those years and took sometimes epic and sometimes mythical dimensions.
The report refers to three revolutions – stations, which took place in 1821, 1866 and 1897. All three were bloody, but the last one, the revolution of 1897, was the occasion for the granting of autonomy to Crete, with the first High Commissioner, Prince George . Until the Union in 1913, the Cretans did not rest. With stubbornness and vigor they continued to claim their original goal, to be part of the Greek State.

20 October - 18 December 2021
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