Kyris Vangelis
Artwork date:
Print on 100% cotton cloth and hand embroidery with cotton thread
105 Χ 130 cm
Kyris Vangelis

Vangelis Kyris met Αnatoli Georgiev at the peak of the Greek economic crisis and since then they have engaged in a constant artistic dialogue. Voyage Within is the first project of Kyris & Georgiev as an independent artistic duo.

Vangelis & Anatoli bring something new and innovative to the world of photography through their mixed media portraits that combine photography and embroidery. The portraits are the outcome of Kyris’ experiences during his imaginary, subconscious and real travels around the world. The photographer focuses on the roots of tradition which are expressed through a creative approach that if free and far from folk imagery.

Georgiev reaches for the canvas and subtly embellishes its details and fragments, endowing Kyris’ portraits with a vibrant third dimension, unlocking new, multiple readings of the same image, this time through texture.

Kyris’ and Anatoli’s sartorial approach to the Greek tradition is free and uncommitted; their work was transformed into a large historical project.

The artistic duo collaborated with the National Historical Museum of Greece, which entrusted them with the authentic, traditional Greek garments of its collection.

The portraits were then printed on 100% cotton canvas on which Georgiev used golden, silver, metal, silk and cotton threads to complete this unique creative process using his needlework.

Through their artworks, the artists celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution of 1821.

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