Bakoulis Serafeim
Artwork date:
oil on hardboard
71 X 98 cm
Bakoulis Serafeim

Serafeim Bakoulis was born in 1932 in Plaka, Athens. He studied painting under Panayiotis Tetsis and Applied Arts at the Athens School of Fine Arts and was also an apprentice to Panos Sarafianos. He worked for 6 years (from 1960 to 1967) in the replicas department of the National Archaeological Museum of Athens. He was included among the first ten contestants in the FLUKART COMIC Contest.

He is a Member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece.

He has published a book of Cartoons about tennis in Greece and a book of Cartoons on social issues.

He was granted a scholarship and received a commendation in Applied Arts.

He is a Member of the Athens Chamber of Arts.

His name appears in the Melissa 1999 Dictionary of Greek Artists, p. 177 – 178 and in the Russian Encyclopaedia CARTOONIA. ΩΡΑ Cultural Centre ΣΥΓΧΡΟΝΗ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗ ΤΕΧΝΗ and DICTIONARY OF GREEK ARTISTS, 1999 edition.

His works are exhibited at the Ministry of Culture and Education, in private collections and are also part of the Piraeus Municipality Art Gallery collection.

His studio is located in Maroussi, Attica.


He has held 10 Individual Exhibitions.
He has held 7 Individual Cartoon Exhibitions.
He has represented Greece in 3 International Painting Exhibitions.
He has taken part in 47 Group Exhibitions.
He has published his cartoons in newspapers and magazines in 16 occasions.
He has participated from 1966 to 2017 in Cartoon Group Exhibitions.
He has participated in International Cartoon Contests: Israel, Belgium (3rd Prize), Hungary, Croatia (Special Recognition – 2nd Prize), Ukraine, Poland, Korea (Honourable Mention – Best Sketch Award), Germany, Guatemala (1st Prize – Honourable Mention), Peru (Lima), Skopje (Honourable Mention), Syria, N. Cyprus, Romania, China, The Netherlands, Nigeria, Spain, France, Greece (1st Prize), Russia, Bulgaria (Diploma), Italy, Serbia (3rd Prize), Turkey, Slovakia, Uruguay, Azerbaijan (Honourable Mention), Portugal, Mexico, Africa.

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