Prometheus Bound

oil on canvas
108 X 75 cm

Dimosthenis Aligizakis, son of painter Ioannis Aligizakis, was born in 1918, in Chania. He became an apprentice to his father before turning to icon painting. His works (mainly icons) were presented in various exhibitions, such as the 6th Pan-Hellenic Art Exhibition (1960) and the exhibition at Desmos Art Gallery (1993).

Several of his works are found in Crete in temples mainly in Chania, but also in Athens where he lived. Cf. the short biographical note in M. Grigorakis, Τα Χανιά και οι εικαστικοί δημιουργοί τους (Visual artists of Chania), Προβολές (Dec. 1999), pp. 25-39 which includes a mention to Ioannis Aligizakis (painter who studied in the Athens School of Fine Arts) and his son Dimosthenis Aligizakis, who was born in 1918 and “began working as a painter before turning to icon painting”. Indicatively, please refer to his work Agios Dimitrios (1953) at the Church of Evangelistria (city of Chania). Also, cf. Τα Νέα της τέχνης, 1993, no. 21 Sept. – Oct, p.23 (exhibition at DESMOS Art Gallery, 4-16 Oct 1993).

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