Isaris Alexandros (Dimitriadis Giannis)
Artwork date:
oil on canvas
82 Χ 72 cm
Isaris Alexandros (Dimitriadis Giannis)

Architect and painter Alexandros Isaris (Giannis Dimitriadis), was born in Serres in 1941. He studied architecture in Graz (1957 – 1962) and painting at the Polytechnic School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki under Ch. Lefakis (1962 – 1965).

His works were presented in Greece for the first time in 1968, at the Kostas Parthenis Contest where he received an honourable mention. He has held solo exhibitions in Athens, Heraklion, Thessaloniki and Berlin. He has also taken part in group exhibitions including the one held at the Palazzo Venezia in Rome (1984).

He has also designed theatre sets and costumes, edited publications and worked as a graphic designer. He has written prose and poetry and has worked as a translator receiving several awards for his literary, poetic and translation work. He is a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece, the Hellenic Authors’ Society and the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece.

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