Trunk of Life

Kampitakis Minas
Artwork date:
Acrylic on canvas
70 Χ 70 cm
Kampitakis Minas

Painter Minas Kampitakis was born and raised in Crete.

In Athens, he pursued independent studies on design, colour, texture of materials and visual composition.

To this day, he has held ten solo exhibitions and participated in several group exhibitions. He has also produced illustrations for texts, cards, discs, DVDs and CDs as well as various objects and constructions.

His work has been praised by art critic Dora Iliopoulou Rogan in KATHIMERINI (Sunday edition, 20/7/86 – “The pulse of life in the work of Minas Kampitakis”) and by art historian Iris Kritikou when she curated his solo exhibition entitled ”The Middle Chamber”.

His works are exhibited in art galleries and private collections.

He lives and works in Athens.


2021 November: ”THE MIDDLE CHAMBER”, Genesis art gallery, Kolonaki, Athens.

2016 November: “CHAMBER MUSIC”, Genesis art gallery, Kolonaki, Athens.

2013 March: ”PLATEAUS” ΕΙΚΑΣΤΙΚΕΣ ΑΝΑΖΗΤΗΣΕΙΣ Art Gallery, Kolonaki, Athens.

2013 July: ”PLATEAUS”. The exhibition was presented and honoured at the painter’s homeland by the cultural associations of Arkalochori and Zoforoi, with the support of the Municipality of Minoa Pediada of the Regional Unit of Heraklion.

2008 August: “MEMORIES OF PRESPES” 100 paintings of the landscape of Prespes for the 20th anniversary of PRESPIA. Florina, 2008.

2002 October: “SUMMER MEMORIES”, “2+1” Art Gallery of the Movement of Citizens of Hymettus.

2000 June: “HORIZONS”, “2+1” Art Gallery of the Movement of Citizens of Hymettus.

1994 November: “POMEGRANATE AND LAURELS”, FLOCART Art Gallery, Athens.

1989 October: ASTROLAVOS Gallery, Piraeus.

1987 January: YAKINTHOS Gallery, Kifissia.

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