Talaganis Dimitris
Artwork date:
ink on paper
114 Χ 144 cm
Talaganis Dimitris

Dimitris Talaganis was born in 1945 in Tripoli (son of freedom fighter Talaganis – Zevgos). He studied Architecture in Moscow (1964 – 1971) at the Institute of Architecture. While still a student, he took part in the competition for the new Lenin Museum and won the first prize and a gold medal in the Exhibition of Achievements of Soviet Technology and Science.

Following his graduation, he showed keen interest in painting and pursued independent studies in Italy and in Paris, where he lived until 1974. It was also in Paris where he held his first solo exhibition (Foyer Royal de l’Odéon, 1974). In 1974 he returned to Greece. He never stopped working as an architect. His paintings have been presented in solo exhibitions in many cities in Greece, Cyprus and France. He has worked as a photographer and has also created medals and posters and designed sets and costumes.

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