Solidakis Vasilis
mixed media
62 Χ 82 cm
Solidakis Vasilis

Vasilis Solidakis was born in 1948 in Crete. In 1973 he went to Spain where he pursued independent studies under painter D. Perdikidis. He uses mixed media and produces constructions that give form to his philosophical pursuits.

He has presented his work in solo exhibitions (Syllogi art gallery 1978, Stavrakakis art Gallery in Heraklion 1979, 1981, 1988, Contemporary Art Group 1981, 1982, Antinor art gallery 1985, Anemos art gallery 1986, Titanium art gallery 1990, 1996, Adyto art gallery 1991, Koules Heraklion 1993, Multi-purpose centre of the Municipality of Sitia 1995) and has taken part in group exhibitions etc. He has also worked as a cartoonist, a stage designer and has created covers for poetry collections. He is a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece.

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