Artwork date:
oil on canvas
60 X 80 cm

Painter, icon painter and engraver Michalis Aggelakis was born in 1941 in Heraklion, Crete. He studied painting on a scholarship at the Athens School of Fine Arts (1962 – 1968) under G. Mavroidis and Y. Moralis and fresco and the technique of portable icons under K. Georgakopoulos and K. Xinopoulos. He also studied at the open school of Panos Sarafianos.

He presented his works and held his first solo exhibition in 1975 (University of California). He also took part in significant national and international events such as the Pan-Hellenic group exhibitions in 1969 and 1971, the Ljubljana Biennale in 1993, the Triennale of Greek Engraving in Pieridis Gallery in 2001, etc.). As an icon painter he has created numerous portable icons and has decorated the interior walls of several churches with religious scenes (in Tanagra, Glyfada, Koropi etc.). He and painter Kostas Aggelakis founded “Glyfada Fine Arts Workshop”. He has produced television and radio shows on visual arts and has also written poetry.

He has served as member of the Visual Arts Committee of the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Athens, member of the Monuments Committee of the Municipality of Athens, president of the Association for the Protection and Improvement of the Environment “PNOI” and member of the Synodal Committee for Ecclesiastic Art. He is a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece of which he was also President (1984 – 1988).

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