Roussetos Panagiotakis
Artwork date:
acrylic on canvas
70 Χ 80 cm
Roussetos Panagiotakis

Roussetos Panagiotakis. 1944: Born in Heraklion. 1962: Graduated from the Heraklion School of Commerce. 1962 – 1964: He studied painting at Sarafianos’ art workshops in Athens. 1966-69: He was granted a scholarship and studied Graphic Arts at the Athens Technological Organization (Doxiadis’ School) under Tassos, Takis Katsoulidis, Panagiotis Gravvalos, Elias Dekoulakos and others.

He initially stayed in Athens where he worked on advertising and was involved in ground-breaking advertising campaigns imbued with his artistic expression. Subsequently, he devoted himself entirely to painting.

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